about chanel #2 (aka sonya herfmann)

Chanel #2 is a character from the television series Scream Queens and is portrayed by Ariana Grande. She is a member of Kappa Kappa Tau, and one of the exclusive "Chanels", having been named Chanel #2 by her superior and original Chanel, Chanel Oberlin.

Chanel #3 is of a wealthy family, has been in rehab, and has had sex with Chanel's boyfriend. She is also killed in the first episode by the Red Devil, the first victim and the only Chanel to be killed. She returns in later episodes via flashbacks and a "ghost dream" where she talks about hell.

Although she doesn't survive very long into the series, much is learned about her posthumously. We do know she doesn't scare easily, as her encounter with the Red Devil didn't cause immediate panic. She was brave enough to fight back and even post on twitter of her death...